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This is the HMD post for the Joker for [ profile] dramadramaduck! Please leave any comments or critiques here - comments are screened, anon commenting is on, and IP logging is off.

Things that I like here: constructive criticism, character-related questions, plotting questions
Things that I don't like here: pointless comments, inflammatory remarks

Thanks, guys! ♥

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Feel free to IM me at "KurumiRP" for any reason!
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You have reached the automated voice messaging system for "312-222-2838". To leave your call-back number, press 2 now. After you have recorded your message, you may hang up, or press 1 for more options.

Text messaging enabled, picture messaging enabled. Prepaid phone limit: $2,500 dollars.
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❶ Reply here with a pairing/one of my characters and a bunch of people
❷ Pick a theme set from the [ profile] 1sentence writing challenge meme
❸ I write 50 sentences (feel free to specify a rating!)

My guys:
[ profile] tntandgasoline > The Joker
[ profile] cannotemotealie > The Emoticon
[ profile] iknowucan > Ryan Evans
[ profile] takeitoutofpark > Hikaru Sulu
[ profile] hatsandguns > Jayne Cobb
[ profile] nopodbaydoors > HAL-9000
[ profile] aaaadventure > Flapjack

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Comment with a 5 + 1 list and I'll write a little drabble about it! Include the name of the characters, the ship (if applicable), and a general rating to go along with it.

You know, since I'm a total follower. In case you need a refresher, I play Joker, Emo, Sulu, Ryan, Jayne and HAL-9000.

Request at any time - be it five minutes from now or five months from now!
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Click the cut below for the following:
-the full sized covers (back and front)
-the download link (all in 1 .zip file)
-some lyrics from each song and an IC explanation of the story that the songs tell.

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Relax, the asylum's closed. We can all go home. )

((OOC: THIS IS FOR YOU WHEN YOU'RE READY~~. Let me know if I should change anything/update anything/IDK what.))
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((OOC: By morning, each person should have a carefully wrapped box sitting by their front door (on the inside or outside, wherever you want it). They're wrapped in brown paper and the bottom corners seem to be... leaking.

Once the paper is unwrapped, they'll find a white giftbox that is seriously leaking, with a Valentine's day card stuck to the top.

Azula: The card reads "I can't liver without you!" The box contains a human liver.
Tommy: The card reads "You make my jaw drop!" The box contains the lower jaw of a human, skin and all.
Lisa Cuddy: The card reads "Humer me: be my Valentine!" The box contains the upper arm of a human, shoulder to elbow.
Veronica: The card reads "I'm always thinking of you!" The box contains a human brain.
Phoenix: The card reads "You leave me breathless!" The box contains a human lung.

GREAT WAY TO START THE MORNING, I THINK. You can thank my friend Melody for the puns.))
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[There's no actual post but since Veronica has decided to install security cameras all over the place, here is what any video records will show:

A normal looking guy wearing a Fed-Ex outfit, a hat for the New Orleans Saints and a light windbreaker. He's not even just normal - he's average, with his hat conveniently covering his eyes. You wouldn't look twice at him if he passed you on the street.

Azula - if she's in the Fire Nation, then cameras will spot a soldier breezing into Azula's room and leaving a package on her bed - if the camera is angled correctly, the use of a smoke bomb down the hall can be seen. Otherwise, the same as above.

The following gifts have been delivered:

Azula: A magic 8 ball.
Tommy: A large teddy bear.
Lisa Cuddy: Rose bath buds.
Veronica: An inflatable heart.
Phoenix: ...Bandaids.]
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[The video is fuzzy for a minute, but then Joker fixes the contrast/brightness/etc because he's in a darker room then normal. He's doing his makeup - the white is already applied and one eye looks like it's already got the black on, but his mouth isn't done up yet. When he lifts his arm to apply blackening, his forearm is visibly covered in bandages and when he tilts his head, there's a more obvious burn mark under his chin.

His face is a little easier to see now, and it's covered in bruises and smooth spots of skin where he's been burned before. His hands are practically useless, and yet... well, he's using them. His nose is definitely broken. It's also obvious that his clothes are filthy, covered with mud and with large burns all the way around.]

That's three. Tee-hee-hee. [A shift,] I'd love for us to do this again, sometime, Azula. Having you under me was especially fun. [He laughs and looks sore as shit but pleased nonetheless, and some of his hair is missing and his eyebrows aren't quite grown back.] But next time, I'm bringing a gun to this firefight. And even though I, I just... [a vague fingerpoint, man, he's not exactly coherent at the moment,] just hate guns, so fucking messy - I am good with them. And I will kill you.


[He giggles and then starts applying makeup to his black eye-] Just some food for thought.

((OOC: Joker wants to prove that he looks worse than Azula, because he loves her so much and wants her to be respected. :) Also, all replies video and it just LOOKS like it was locked.))
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I think it's time I start setting my sights a little higher. After all, I get this feeling, this, uh, inkling, that people just aren't taking me very seriously sometimes. What's so hard about showing a little... respect?

((OOC: Another batch of anonymous gifts have been dropped off sometime during the day to the following people. Like the flowers, they're found inside - a kitchen or living room preferably, but anywhere you guys want is OK. Like before, there's no card or any indicator of who sent them and Joker will not know what the hell you're talking about if you confront him about it.

Azula: A large box of assorted dark chocolates.
Tommy: A small box of assorted white chocolates.
Lisa Cuddy: Chocolate covered cherries.
Veronica: A box of assorted milk chocolates.
Phoenix: A box of crème-filled chocolates.

:) They aren't poisoned and are of average quality.))
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Don't you just love it when a game goes the way you hoped it would? It's so... mmm. It just makes me happy, when skies are gray.

((OOC!: Anonymous gifts have been dropped off for each of the following at a home residence. They are found inside - bedroom or kitchen preferable, but anywhere inside so long as it's obvious someone has specifically gone in and put them there. There's no card or anything that could relate them back to the Joker, and he'll act like he doesn't know what you're talking about if you ask him about it. :)

Azula: A large bouquet of anemone flowers.
Tommy: A large hydrangea bouquet.
Cuddy: This bouquet of lillies.
Veronica: A bouquet of begonias.
Phoenix: A bouquet of asphodel cuttings.

Like it says up there - part 1 of 4.))
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The following people are going to be pranked soon:

Lisa Cuddy (Assuming she'll be back from her jump by the 24th?)
Phoenix (Assuming he isn't on hiatus?)

Comment if you want one of yours to also be part of Joker's next gag. It's going to be a hoot.
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[Welcome to the auditorium of Triple-D High! It looks something like this, only I've decided that the stadium seating isn't as steep and the chairs aren't that uncomfortable. Make of it what you will.

Mr. Kerr is standing at the center of the stage, yelling at a few freshmen who are clearly afraid for their lives. They're scrambling to set up mock-props for Kerr's "grand image" of what is going to go where for the set designs.

The doors themselves are open at either aisle, both adorned with several copies of Kerr's list of very important people. Anyone is welcome to try out, of course, but he's keeping an eye out for very specific people. Make sure you make your presence known when you show up, or else... well, who knows what might happen?]

((OOC: Here's the open theater detention/audtions log. Those who actually want to try out (God help you) will be either given lines or handwaved, depending on your preference. Those who are in detention/are forced to attend will be pretty much just harassed, yelled at, ordered around and probably fitted for dresses and such. Especially if you're a guy. Go here to find out if you were mandatory, or just act like you were forced and I'll follow along.

Feel free to just come in to talk to Kerr about anything ~acting~ related, even if it's off topic. Also, you guys can intermingle all you want since I'm not going to be tagging until late morning Pacific time. Mmmm, sleep.))
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Yes, boys and ghouls girls, I'm finally making a permissions post for the Joker. I know, I know - with a guy like Joker, how could I go so long without one?

Well, the long and short of it was that I didn't really know how to RP back in the day. Now, I'm better educated! Also, Joker's mostly been putzing around until now, but come New Years, I want to see if I can't get him going a little more... special.

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I wasn't going to do this since I had an idea as to what I was going to do for at least two of my characters, but I'm wondering...

What should I do with Joker here? And Ryan, for that matter? Any ideas, folks?


Sep. 26th, 2009 09:22 pm
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Oh, Gotham.

You throw a fit when somebody fucking tells you to, like a dog on command.

Heel, sit, stay. Good boy.

Batman, you will be playing the role of the jack-rabbit. I know I'll catch you sooner or later, with the hounds baying like they are.

Come out, come out, wherever you are...
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All right, I caved.

: This means he likes you. You're one of his favorite toys and he really would hate to lose you. Remember, though, the more he likes you, the faster he breaks you...
: This means he thinks you're fun. He wouldn't bother to go out of his way to bother you at your home or anything, but he'll troll the shit out of you on the community. If he did run into you, he would probably just be a little bitch then get bored and leave you be. Note, however, that this doesn't necessarily mean he likes you.
: This means he doesn't care about you either way. You're sometimes amusing, sometimes not, but... in general, you're just scenery.
: This means he wouldn't go out of his way to bother you, but if he were to run into you, you'd definitely run the risk of getting something broken or bruised.
: This means he hates you. He'll hunt you down and destroy everything you love. Stay away for your own good.
: This means that he has plans for you. Sometimes even I don't really know what I'm thinking he's thinking, it's just... there's definitely something there that he wants to exploit.

I just went through the latest five or six posts on Joker's journal and took people from there; if you want your character up here feel free to ask and I'll add them. Feel free to ask for clarifications too, if you want. Categorizing relationships for the Joker is super hard, so I'm sure some of these seem... pretty contradictory at first.

Click here. )


Sep. 12th, 2009 02:25 pm
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((Post what-if virus. 8] Who knows what he means.))
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I wasn't going to do anything with Joker re: the What If? virus, but I've actually decided that I have something I want him to do.

You won't see any video from him, or any posts or anything like that because for him, he never moved (back to) Gotham and never went psychotic. He has a wife and a kid and a picket fence and a dog and a 9-to-5 job, and honestly he's just... not on here at all. He's never been a part of DDD.

So people in Gotham (Batman, Dent, Crane, etc) are all fine with knowing the Joker, but to them he's pretty much disappeared off the face of the Earth. (Or, alternatively, there's a different Joker who isn't Heath Ledger. :X Doesn't matter to me.)

I'm doing this because 1) I have school starting on Thursday and I really don't want to make any commitments to a virus, 2) I haven't been feeling the Joker lately, so I don't want to push him in a direction I won't be able to do ATM, and 3) because I want him to deal with it after the virus is over. I have a feeling that it'll help me get something interesting going with him.

PS: his videos about the family aren't done yet. :)


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