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[It isn't an accident that the Joker has his voice post on as he talks on the phone; there's the sound of feet hitting the desk as he props himself up in his chair, sounding more like an idle secretary than a pissed off crimelord. On speakerphone, there's the sound of a gibbering, panicked man, a hint of an Italian accent, one of the Joker's crossovers from Maroni's men. It's not distinctly clear what he's saying, but there's mentions of "blood everywhere," and something about a face being carved up.]

Yes, Ernie. I get - no, stop babbling- I - ENOUGH. [The goon on the other end of the line falls silent, though there's sound of rioting in the background.] I get it. Just find out who did it.

["But, boss-"] I'm, I'm sorry, is that questioning me I'm hearing? I don't think I pay you to ask questions. Do you know what would happen to your - uh, what was her name, Maddie? What's gonna happen to her education if the breadwinner - that's you, Ern - if the breadwinner is out of the picture all of a sudden? Growing up uneducated and with a single parent... Now that would be tough. Do you get me?

[Silence. The Joker chuckles, taking it for a yes.] Good. Now, I don't want to scare you kids over there, but you are going to find out what happened. If I have to come down there? No no no no no. You know that will end badly. Now, find out who decided to carve a smile into Bozo's face and let him, uh, just give him a reminder as to whose shtick that is.

[More silence, and then a muffled "yes," before a click. The Joker sighs, and his feet scrape against the desk as he sits straight again, clearly addressing the mic this time.]

Now then. If I find out one of you people has anything to do with this, I will stop playing nice. Get me?

[The mic clicks off.]

((OOC: all replies voice unless otherwise stated. 8D))


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