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((OOC: This is the "prize" Crane won when he guessed the right number from this post.))

[The camera focuses on Joker's mouth, grinning widely as little snickers escape him.] Congratulations, Doctor Crane, you win the grand prize. First, I should probably introduce our little contestant.

[He hop-skips over to the nearly comatose, beaten and cut up man lying on the ground. He's missing an ear, a finger, and his tongue, lolling from his mouth, looks suitably cut up.] What's your name, buddy? [The man groans; Joker leans down close, squinting.] What was that? Didn't quite catch it...

[After a moment of gurgling silence, Joker shrugs and moves back to the camera.] I guess we can just call him John Doe. Since, uh, Doctor Crane won - the, y'know, number, by the by, was thirteen - I'm gonna need an address to forward John's teeth to.

[A pause.] I was gonna just, y'know, kill him, but I got an agreement with Mr. Dent that we can have another little get-together if I let John here go. You hear that, Johnny boy? [Joker turns to the captive, who moans.] Now then...

[Joker disappears from the frame, leaving "John" to stare mournfully into the camera. When he returns, Joker has a monkey-wrench in hand and a smile on his face.] Now, I'm just gonna... Y'know, this is probably gonna hurt, Johnny. Now, I'm gonna just turn off this visual feed, since there are some minors out there, but I think the audio speaks for itself.

[The screen goes dark, and the next minute and a half consist of choked screaming and Joker's laughter, along with the sick squelching as Joker works. "Shhshshshhh," Joker says, "It'll all be over in a minute."

After that, there's no noise aside from Joker's footsteps and the sound of a faucet running. When the video comes back, Joker's grinning into the camera, holding a palmful of... teeth.]

Here's your prize, dollface - and look, Harv, he's still alive! [Joker cackles and shows the unconscious "John" to the camera.] I'll even send him to Gotham General, free of charge!

[Joker sighs and cracks his knuckles, turning to the captive.] That wasn't as fun as I was hoping. Oh well. [He unceremoniously cuts the feed on the camera, video and audio going off with a crackle.]


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