Sep. 18th, 2009

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All right, I caved.

: This means he likes you. You're one of his favorite toys and he really would hate to lose you. Remember, though, the more he likes you, the faster he breaks you...
: This means he thinks you're fun. He wouldn't bother to go out of his way to bother you at your home or anything, but he'll troll the shit out of you on the community. If he did run into you, he would probably just be a little bitch then get bored and leave you be. Note, however, that this doesn't necessarily mean he likes you.
: This means he doesn't care about you either way. You're sometimes amusing, sometimes not, but... in general, you're just scenery.
: This means he wouldn't go out of his way to bother you, but if he were to run into you, you'd definitely run the risk of getting something broken or bruised.
: This means he hates you. He'll hunt you down and destroy everything you love. Stay away for your own good.
: This means that he has plans for you. Sometimes even I don't really know what I'm thinking he's thinking, it's just... there's definitely something there that he wants to exploit.

I just went through the latest five or six posts on Joker's journal and took people from there; if you want your character up here feel free to ask and I'll add them. Feel free to ask for clarifications too, if you want. Categorizing relationships for the Joker is super hard, so I'm sure some of these seem... pretty contradictory at first.

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