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[Welcome to the auditorium of Triple-D High! It looks something like this, only I've decided that the stadium seating isn't as steep and the chairs aren't that uncomfortable. Make of it what you will.

Mr. Kerr is standing at the center of the stage, yelling at a few freshmen who are clearly afraid for their lives. They're scrambling to set up mock-props for Kerr's "grand image" of what is going to go where for the set designs.

The doors themselves are open at either aisle, both adorned with several copies of Kerr's list of very important people. Anyone is welcome to try out, of course, but he's keeping an eye out for very specific people. Make sure you make your presence known when you show up, or else... well, who knows what might happen?]

((OOC: Here's the open theater detention/audtions log. Those who actually want to try out (God help you) will be either given lines or handwaved, depending on your preference. Those who are in detention/are forced to attend will be pretty much just harassed, yelled at, ordered around and probably fitted for dresses and such. Especially if you're a guy. Go here to find out if you were mandatory, or just act like you were forced and I'll follow along.

Feel free to just come in to talk to Kerr about anything ~acting~ related, even if it's off topic. Also, you guys can intermingle all you want since I'm not going to be tagging until late morning Pacific time. Mmmm, sleep.))


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