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((OOC: By morning, each person should have a carefully wrapped box sitting by their front door (on the inside or outside, wherever you want it). They're wrapped in brown paper and the bottom corners seem to be... leaking.

Once the paper is unwrapped, they'll find a white giftbox that is seriously leaking, with a Valentine's day card stuck to the top.

Azula: The card reads "I can't liver without you!" The box contains a human liver.
Tommy: The card reads "You make my jaw drop!" The box contains the lower jaw of a human, skin and all.
Lisa Cuddy: The card reads "Humer me: be my Valentine!" The box contains the upper arm of a human, shoulder to elbow.
Veronica: The card reads "I'm always thinking of you!" The box contains a human brain.
Phoenix: The card reads "You leave me breathless!" The box contains a human lung.

GREAT WAY TO START THE MORNING, I THINK. You can thank my friend Melody for the puns.))
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[There's no actual post but since Veronica has decided to install security cameras all over the place, here is what any video records will show:

A normal looking guy wearing a Fed-Ex outfit, a hat for the New Orleans Saints and a light windbreaker. He's not even just normal - he's average, with his hat conveniently covering his eyes. You wouldn't look twice at him if he passed you on the street.

Azula - if she's in the Fire Nation, then cameras will spot a soldier breezing into Azula's room and leaving a package on her bed - if the camera is angled correctly, the use of a smoke bomb down the hall can be seen. Otherwise, the same as above.

The following gifts have been delivered:

Azula: A magic 8 ball.
Tommy: A large teddy bear.
Lisa Cuddy: Rose bath buds.
Veronica: An inflatable heart.
Phoenix: ...Bandaids.]
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I think it's time I start setting my sights a little higher. After all, I get this feeling, this, uh, inkling, that people just aren't taking me very seriously sometimes. What's so hard about showing a little... respect?

((OOC: Another batch of anonymous gifts have been dropped off sometime during the day to the following people. Like the flowers, they're found inside - a kitchen or living room preferably, but anywhere you guys want is OK. Like before, there's no card or any indicator of who sent them and Joker will not know what the hell you're talking about if you confront him about it.

Azula: A large box of assorted dark chocolates.
Tommy: A small box of assorted white chocolates.
Lisa Cuddy: Chocolate covered cherries.
Veronica: A box of assorted milk chocolates.
Phoenix: A box of crème-filled chocolates.

:) They aren't poisoned and are of average quality.))
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Don't you just love it when a game goes the way you hoped it would? It's so... mmm. It just makes me happy, when skies are gray.

((OOC!: Anonymous gifts have been dropped off for each of the following at a home residence. They are found inside - bedroom or kitchen preferable, but anywhere inside so long as it's obvious someone has specifically gone in and put them there. There's no card or anything that could relate them back to the Joker, and he'll act like he doesn't know what you're talking about if you ask him about it. :)

Azula: A large bouquet of anemone flowers.
Tommy: A large hydrangea bouquet.
Cuddy: This bouquet of lillies.
Veronica: A bouquet of begonias.
Phoenix: A bouquet of asphodel cuttings.

Like it says up there - part 1 of 4.))


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