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So a woman is walking around in the slums of Gotham, you know, the Narrows. She's coming back from work and it's about the evening, right? So she's walking home, out of the Narrows - you might not know this, but there are nice parts close to the Narrows and some really fine people live there, while working down in the slummy bits of our illustrious Gotham. She happens to run in to an old blind man, who's trying to cross the street but you know how cars are, sometimes they run red lights when cops never go near their area. So, she offers to help him across. They get to talking while picking their way through the traffic, and he tells her that he has this, uh, this letter he has to deliver and it better be quick or else he'd get in real trouble. But, see, he was also late to pick up his, uh, seeing eye dog at the vet.

So, being the fine young woman she is, the lady offers to deliver the letter for him. After all, it's on the way home. He says, "Oh, thank you," and hands over a little envelope for her. She says good-bye and turns to go, but then realizes that the last two numbers on the address are blurred. She turns to ask if it's a four or a nine but the old man is dodging through cars with his sunglasses in hand.

Shocked that somebody in the Narrows of all places was lying to her, she takes the letter to the police, wondering what, exactly, she was delivering. Down in the Narrows, y'see, this kind of thing might happen when the mob wants to transfer cash with no strings, or drugs, or something.

Well, the police, seeing what was on the letter and deciding it was worth their time, go to raid the apartment that was on the envelope. They find the place and it looks like a mini meat market, with slabs of flesh hung up on hooks from the ceiling and all sorts of weirdos shopping around for the best bits.

The letter, by the by, read, "This is the last one for today."

Oh, the Narrows. Nobody really knows if it's true or not, but I wouldn't put it past 'em.


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