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[The Joker is walking across what looks to be an abandoned wheat field, long-ago harvested and never replenished, with only one tractor path to follow. There is a log cabin far in the distance, though it only takes a few seconds for him to reach it. An old man is sitting on the porch swing, and as the Joker takes the steps one at a time - it seems to take forever to get up the three front steps - the man stands and pulls open the battered screen door.

The cabin seems to age and morph from a log cabin into an old house, but the old man is still holding open the door. His face is impossible to make out, as though from a blurry photograph, and as the Joker ignores him and steps across the threshold of the door, the man seems to turn to dust, leaving nothing but his skeleton before disintegrating entirely.

The Joker doesn't seem to notice; equally odd, he doesn't seem to notice that his appearance has turned to that of a normal, blond-haired man without his trademark scars, paint or outfit. He walks through the old-looking house, glancing into a mirror on his way to a room in the back. He seems to know exactly where he's going.

The back room is painted in a soft yellow; it's a bedroom with an old four-poster bed and a large beige comforter. Wrapped up in the comforter is a woman with blond hair and a soft face - she's just as blurry as the old man, but somehow it's easier to make out her features. She can't be older than 24, and she sits up on the bed and the Joker approaches, climbing into the bed like he's always been there.

The woman rolls over and lies on top of him, smiling so serenely, as though nothing were wrong. And maybe her hair is looking distinctly darker in some parts, or maybe she seems to have something wrong with her face, though it's impossible to really tell what, but it doesn't seem like the Joker minds in any way.

She smiles and opens her mouth; she looks like she's saying something but all that comes out is a bat, stretching its wings. The Joker picks it up and it squeaks, flapping around and shrieking at him. He just laughs, soundlessly - the whole thing is soundless, except for that damned bat - and lets it go; he can find it again whenever he wants.

He looks back to the woman, who's now holding a knife to his cheek, saying something with that serene smile still, and it's so peaceful that the Joker doesn't even care when she puts the knife through the soft tissue of his cheek; he laughs as she drags it down.

And everything is just so very, very serene and that's where the dream ends.]

((That's riiiight, all that work to stay up and he ends up passing out just in time to have a really weird dream. It's up to you guys to decide if it means anything or not - but it is not a direct memory.

Also it's NOT an interactive dream, so no worries about dealing with non-deformed Joker <3))


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