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♠ ♣ T H E J O K E R ♦ ♥

rp journal: the joker (the dark knight)
Little is known of the Joker's past. Actually, to be honest, nothing is known of the Joker's past. Nobody knows any alias other than "Joker," and even the origin of his characteristic glasglow smile is shrouded in mystery. The man is a walking ball of chaotic energy, fueled by paranoia, psychosis, and a firm belief that humanity can be reduced to madness with only a small push. He doesn't need money, doesn't want money, and will happily trade it all for some gasoline a matchbook. (This characteristic alone sets him apart from almost every other person in Gotham - a town fueled by money.)

The Joker's main goal is to be an "agent of chaos," and he openly admits to never having a real plan. Despite this, every move of his is carefully calculated, and his almost uncanny ability to predict the reactions of every "player" in his games makes it easy for him to create sprawling plots to bring all of Gotham to its knees. Because of his steadfast belief that all mankind can be easily thrown into anarchy, the slightest hitch in his plans can knock him off his game - even the smallest glow of sanity in the midst of his chaos will psyche him out.

Unlike the Jokers of other universes, this particular character is dark and can be characterized as a complete psychopath with no regard whatsoever for the wellbeing of himself or others. Instead of dealing in comedy-gone-awry type plots (such as hand buzzers and squirting-flowers that shoot acid), this Joker uses knives, psychological warfare, and the occasional rocket launcher to really get the job done.

In The Dark Knight, Joker spends his entire time trying to bring Batman down to his level - to force him to break his "one rule" in order to prove that even someone as "good" as Batman can become nothing more than a murderer and a criminal. Not only that, but Joker wants to prove to Batman that he's right, and that the entirety of Gotham will turn on him the instant he steps out of line. There are no good people to Joker, and Batman has to realize it. He is captured after a fistfight with the Bat and sent to Arkham, as most of Gotham's psychopaths are. Only time will tell how long he decides to stay there, of course.

The Joker sees himself as a living representative of Gotham's evolution since Batman's arrival. He is the Homo sapien to the Mob's Homo neanderthalensis, just as Batman might be the advancement of Gotham P.D.

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