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Yes, boys and ghouls girls, I'm finally making a permissions post for the Joker. I know, I know - with a guy like Joker, how could I go so long without one?

Well, the long and short of it was that I didn't really know how to RP back in the day. Now, I'm better educated! Also, Joker's mostly been putzing around until now, but come New Years, I want to see if I can't get him going a little more... special.

Basically, come New Years day, the Joker is going to start actively menacing the community/Gotham/people/dogs/what have you. This includes the following:

  1. Menacing: leaving creepy voice posts/video posts/texts to peoples IC inboxes, making uncomfortable comments on entries, also continuing to do what he normally does (which is trolling) for the people who I don't get permissions from, for when I'm bored of having him be malicious, just to mix things up.

  2. Stalking: this one requires me finding a way for him to worldhop places consistantly; whether or not it's by someone else's hand doesn't matter, but the fact is that Joker will not be asking for worldhops any more. He'll simply decide to show up at people's places, leave them creepy presents (I'll probably be taking a little leaf from Animated!Joker's book here), trail them, etc. People who get stalked are welcome to make posts freaking out about it, are welcome to notice him every so often, but I do ask that if you allow stalking you try to keep it so your character doesn't... have an eye on the back of their head. It makes it ~creepier~.

  3. Gifts: I said this above but he's going to be more likely to leave gifts of dead flowers/poisoned drinks/laughing gas and stuff like that. Gifts will be discussed OOC'ly when they're given so you know what to expect.

  4. Psychological Warfare: a big thing of the Joker's is his lying. When the heat gets too much, the Joker will likely want to try and get someone to pity him in some form, whether by pretending to be seriously injured, pretending to have amnesia, dressing up as another person, etc. I'll need to know if your character is susceptible to these kinds of things and, if they are, what kinds of things they'd fall for.

  5. Physical Interactions: this includes torture, mind-games, etc. - basically things of TDK nature. Kidnapping, espionage, political terrorism, etc etc etc. Honestly, this one will mostly end up focusing on NPCs from Gotham, but still. Just in case ;)

Okay, you read all that, right? Good. Now, all I need to know is the following:

  • Can Joker menace your character? This includes getting the number of their IC inbox through ~unknown means~ and basically troll your character whenever they want?

  • Can Joker stalk your character? Can I OOC'ly notify you that Joker is now stalking your character and tell you what kinds of presents/things to expect? (This will not always involve direct interaction beforehand. One day, he might just decide to check up on Tommy or Phoenix and... go there.) Tell me what kinds of things you're OK with, and what kinds of things might freak your character out that the Joker could feasibly do with/without that knowledge.

  • Can Joker send gifts? What kinds of gifts are you OK with? He's sent people's teeth out, and dead bodies are not completely out of the question. Let me know what your comfort level is here. These will be OOC'ly notified, most likely with little/no prior involvement.

  • Is your character susceptible to being manipulated? What kinds of things can Joker get away with when trying to convince your character of something?

  • Tell me about your disposition towards physical interactions (kidnapping, torture, etc.). NOTHING WILL BE DONE WITHOUT OOC CONVERSATION; THIS IS ONLY SO I KNOW WHO TO APPROACH AND WHO NOT TO APPROACH.

  • Finally, if you can think of anything that Joker might be able to figure out about your characters that he hasn't already, let me know what it is. This way, Joker can be properly ~evil~.

Woo! Lots of TL;DR, huh? Keep in mind that only gifts and menacing will be done without prior OOC confirmation, they'll just suddenly appear (the gifts will be mentioned OOC'ly, either in his journal or in IM). Physical interactions and stalking will have at least a little OOC conversation beforehand. Feel free to say "no" to any of it at any time, though! This is by no means finalized when you comment here. You can IM me at KurumiRP or fashionsexual for clarification on any of these points.

So, that's it! Comment here to tell me where we stand!
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