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This is the HMD post for the Joker for [ profile] dramadramaduck! Please leave any comments or critiques here - comments are screened, anon commenting is on, and IP logging is off.

Things that I like here: constructive criticism, character-related questions, plotting questions
Things that I don't like here: pointless comments, inflammatory remarks

Thanks, guys! ♥

The Ever Expanding OOC "About Joker" Post & FAQ!

Main Heads-up

Joker is psychotic. Make no mistake, he can be civil if he wants to be - and as a lot of characters have seen, he does know that he's pushing lines (Azula I'm looking at you) - but when it comes down to it, he's got absolutely no remorse. He will willingly and happily fuck you over if he feels like it, so be careful.

Truths and Lies

One thing the Joker does is keep his promises. If he says that he's given you the detonator to your best friend's car, and if you don't blow him up he'll shoot you, chances are he has. He might throw in little twists here and there, but generally he's actually truthful about these kinds of things.

Joker will tell all sorts of lies about himself - from how he's feeling at the moment to how he got his scars (I'm not gonna make any offer towards which one of the many stories he'll tell is true, so shush XD). Chances are, the only time you can be sure that he's telling the truth is when he balks at what you say. :3

Love, Hate, Relationships and that kinda crap

You maaaaay have noticed that Joker sometimes, uh, hits on you. Alright, I'm here to help you through this traumatic moment.

First of all, Joker probably doesn't mean much by it. He just does things, without really thinking of the consequences. But, if you hit on him back, and eventually get somewhere he can get to you? You better watch out, 'cos he's like Santa, only more violent and with less presents.

Secondly, Joker is mostly straight. I say "mostly" because occasionally, guys will interest him in a psychological way, and if they're girly enough (Spike, Crane, that's you~), he'll probably be okay with it.

Joker also doesn't really hate specific people so much as detests people in general. Overall, he's certain that most of humanity is in denial, and as the only one with it, he has a mission in life to make everyone else realize it. So, while he might act nice to you - don't be fooled. Chances are, he thinks you're not anything special, and you're probably replacable.

So, feel free to have your character interact with Joker in any way - in Real Life situations, he's usually pretty responsive to getting hit on, and he can be very nice if he wants to be, but remember that it's mostly an act.

Physical Interactions

You've gotten this far - that's commendable! Anyway. Joker usually gets in to people's personal space. And by usually I mean all the fucking time. He's not against touching people, rubbing up against them, leaning in nice and close, even licking people's faces if he feels like it.

However, people touching him is a different story. He's not used to people touching him in any way that's not violent, and he's likely to react with violence in accordance. (This is only if you touch him without obviously flirting with him first - if you're hitting on him, he expects it.) This will range from him shoving you away to full on armed threats.

LISA CUDDY: The Joker's always had a thing about dominating, leader-type women; namely, they kind of freak him out (in a Joker-like way). He doesn't have a fondness for them, in general. Cuddy is really no exception, except that he finds her attractive, and she's close with Azula, who he loves to harrass, so it's really no surprise that he takes it out on Cuddy from time to time. Considering she's actually in his age range and, you know, sane, this is probably the healthiest infatuation he's got. Which means it's terribly unhealthy and Cuddy should not let him alone with her for long.
AZULA: Where to start? Azula is - to the Joker, at least - a spoiled, unrepenant example of how politics and power ruins people. Those are all qualities the Joker loathes, down to his fundamental core. Still, there's potential here for "growth", Joker-style. He thinks she's absolutely insane, and loves to rile her up just to see her snap or lash out. She's pretty much one of his favorite playthings; when he gets bored, he knows he can start a fight with her to blow off steam (so to speak). He's also more than a little attracted to her, young age or not. His tastes generally run higher in the age range, though, so at least there's that.
SAMARA MORGAN: Oh, she's just a delight for him. He hates kids, generally, but she's creepy and doesn't blink and doesn't run around screaming all the time. He's enthralled by her; she creeps him out, which he basically takes as a perfectly logical reason for him to want to "adopt" her, so to speak. Chances are, he'll eventually grow bored of her; but until then, he's enamored with the novelty of keeping a kid.
TOMMY GAVIN: Oh, lord. If Azula is the Joker's favorite playtoy, Tommy is his favorite punching bag. It's so easy to piss Tommy off that a man with no self-restraint can't resist harassing him. He loves leading Tommy astray whenever he can, and loves getting into fistfights, scuffles and brawls with the other man, verbal or physical. Because of this, he also has a weird desire to make sure Tommy is in good health. It's no fun harassing him if he's broken, after all. Mentally, though, the Joker can see the cracks, and he enjoys digging his fingers in there and prying. He'd probably do him, too, if it was worth it. (And let's face it, emotional scarring on that level? Yeah, it'd probably be worth it.)
CAIN: Part of him thinks Cain is at least a vauluable tool to spread mass panic across the multiverse, but the majority of him knows that the man is nothing but trouble. He can sweet-talk the Joker all he wants, what with his destroying entire villages and blowing up Shinra and all that, but the second he started taking it out on Cuddy and, most importantly, Azula, the gloves came off. The Joker is just a possessive child, when you get down to it, and Cain was playing too rough with his toys. He's not about to stand for that.
KUROUDO AKABANE: It's simple. Akabane wants to take his new toy new bundle of joy away from him. That's generally like wanting to take a bone away from a rabid dog.
LARSA SOLIDOR: The Joker's only spoken to the kid a few times, but he just plain doesn't like Larsa. It's just a general irritation that he has with kids, coupled with the fact that he's always white-knighting for people the Joker loves to harass. That being said, if given the chance, he'd jump all over a chance to mess with the kid.
SHELLY DE KILLER: It seems that every time he and the Joker talk, Shelly never fails to point out that the Joker needs a shrink. This puts him firmly in the Joker's, "Bitch, do not start, I will cut you" list. Of course, considering he has no other knowledge of who Shelly is, this is probably likely to change as soon as he finds some entertainment value.

If you want your character to be included on this chart, just let me know and thy will shalt be done. I'm terrible at keeping track of these things, so don't think I haven't included you because I don't think the CR is worth it; I just... forgot to do it. XD;

Feel free to IM me at "KurumiRP" for any reason!
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