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Some of the things the Joker could do really amazed him - not that he was a vain guy. (He was, but that's irrelevant right now.) Finding world-hops when you're on the Most Wanted list should never be as easy as it was for him, but then again, there were all sorts of folks on the community.

It was interesting how, by taking off his makeup and putting on his Saints cap, he could pretty much walk anywhere. People just didn't look too closely. He'd contemplated going in as a patient but he had this sinking sensation that his current playmate was a little too tidily tucked away for just any crazy person to spot her, so instead he took special measures with a blunt object to the back of an orderly's head as they got out of their car. The uniform was baggy enough that he could hide all sorts of things in it, which he did. The checklist at the sign-in counter was especially helpful, too. So many violent characteristics! Everyone was so angry, here. That was good.

With a little luck and a lot of properly timed whispers to easily-riled inmates, there was enough chaos going on that he could slip around with barely a word of caution from any of the other employees. Now, to find his little dumpling. Unconsciously, he started humming in his usual lilting sort of accent, looking down the long corridors with irritation. "...I started a joke, which started the whole world crying..." Where, oh where, had his little dog gone?

((OOC: THIS IS FOR YOU WHEN YOU'RE READY~~. Let me know if I should change anything/update anything/IDK what.))
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